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If you join us on the adventure in 2020, you are expected to, apart from the normal travel expenses, also transfer a certain amount to Christ’s Hope, as a financial support to allow the different CarePoints to operate.

Of course you can choose to pay this amount with your own resources, but a lot of participants also find a way to raise funds or have themselves sponsored. Over the past few years, several participants have successfully presented the project to friends and family who wanted to make a financial contribution. But also a lot of companies were interested in sponsoring, in exchange for a picture with their name and logo.

We are glad to help you figure out your fundraising plan. Please contact Orlando Furfari from the Christ’s Hope organization to work something out together and to look into which fundraising actions could be successful for you. It is possible to have banners with the name and logo of your sponsor(s) printed. We take these banners with us on our adventure or on visits to the CarePoints, where they are photographed. That way, you can raise money, and your sponsor gets some pictures that can be used on their website, in their newsletter or in the lobby of their office.


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bike equipment


Sports camps




Engineerd transport


Floor producer


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You are not the adventurous type and don’t want to go to far-away Africa, but you do want to contribute financially to help this charity operate? All donations are welcome on account number BE69 0689 0883 6978

Many thanks, on behalf of the children in our CarePoints.

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