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Land of many faces

Africa… wonderful continent with friendly people, astonishing natural beauty and untamed wilderness. Africa… promising continent that breathes adventure, where the scorching heat alternates with tropical rain showers, and where the sunset is of incomparable beauty. But Africa is also a horrible continent of tremendous poverty, corrupt politicians and a chronical shortage of drinking water. Africa… continent where the outlook on a desperate future forces children into begging, prostitution and decease at a very young age.

There are millions of orphans in Africa. Children whose parents died from numerous diseases, who have not been treated due to lack of medical services. Children who have been abandoned by their parents because they were unwanted. Children who often live in inhumane conditions and who have no prospect on a better future whatsoever.

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What does this organisation stands for?

Christ's hope

Christ’s Hope is an NGO who cares about the fate of orphans and underprivileged children in Africa. This charity manages 26 CarePoints in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, DR Congo, Namibia, South Africa and eSwatini (former Swaziland). Every day in these CarePoints, more than 1500 children are getting a hot meal, school guidance, medical services etc... In these CarePoints they get the necessary homework assistance, lessons in physical hygiene and social conduct, and psychological support. A personal file from every child is put together, and every child is looked after socially, emotionally, physically (general health), spiritually, and above all with lots of love and warmth.

Thanks to Christ’s Hope, these children now have the prospect of a better future with a good health, a job and a life with social-emotional balance. They are being prepared to break the negative cycle they are living in and to be able to stand on their own afterwards, in which they can themselves provide an added value to their environment. Within Christ’s Hope, we call those children “Cycle Breakers”.

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Christ's Hope
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Adventures for hope

Adventures for Hope is an initiative for the benefit of Christ’s Hope International. By organizing adventurous trips, we want to support the activities of Christ’s Hope in Africa. Apart from the regular travel expenses, such as the plane ticket, food and drinks, accommodation,… we ask the participants to provide an additional financial contribution as well, to support Christ’s Hope CarePoints in Africa. This contribution is different for each adventure. Some participants search for sponsors, whereas others pay the contribution themselves.

Our range of adventure trips is very diverse. In 2017 we took a trek through the Namibian desert on motorcycles. In 2018 we organized a climb to the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, and in 2019 we made a motorcycle journey through South Africa, eSwatini (formerly known as Swaziland) and Lesotho, on which we conquered, among others, the legendary Sani Pass. Another adventurous mountain ascent in Africa is on the schedule for 2020.

Adventures for hope

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