Our next adventure

Mount Kenya

Join us on our next adventure in 2020

Our next adventure

We are planning another mountain ascent in August 2020. This time, we’ll climb Africa’s second highest mountain : the Mount Kenya. We will climb the 4985m high peak Lenana. This summit is accessible for everyone with a good physical shape. It’s not a technical difficult mountain. You don’t have to be a seasoned mountain with lots of technical experience. You mainly need a good physical shape. After we climbed this beautiful mountain we’ll visit the Mathare slum where the children from our carepoint live, we will spend an afternoon with our children at the carepoint and we’ll go on a gamedrive in Nairobi National Park.
  • Cost price

    flight excluded
    $ 1450
  • Sponsor money

    Have your climb sponsored (target amount)
    $ 2500
  • Length

    Arrival up to and including departure
    9 days
The program
Day 1 - Saturday (08/08/2020)
  • day
    Arrival at Nairobi International Airport during the day. Pick up and transport to hotel in Nairobi.
  • 18h00
    meet & greet with the team, briefing, q&a moment, meeting the other participants
  • 19h00
    Diner hotel
Day 2 - Sunday (09/08/2020)
  • 07h00
    breakfast at hotel
  • 08h30
    Pick up at hotel + departure towards the mountain.
  • 12h00
    Meet & greet guides and porters + lunch
  • 13h00
    Start hike to camp 1 – Old Moses Camp at 3300m
  • 13h00
    Arrival at Old Moses Camp (3300m) + relax rest of the day.
Day 3 - Monday (10-08-2020)
  • 07h00
  • 08h00
    Start hike, through the famous Mackinder Valley to Shiptons Camp (4200m) Lunch on the way. We maintain a very slow pace
  • 16h00
    Arrival at Shiptons Camp Camp (4200m) + relax rest of the day.
Day 4 - Tuesday (11-08-2020)
  • Day
    Full relaxday for acclimatisation at Shiptons Camp.
Day 5 - Wednesday (12-08-2020)
  • 02h30
    Get up and breakfast
  • 03h30
    Start hike for summitpush – Point Lenana (4985m)
  • 06h30
    Arrival at summit to witness the sunrise.
  • 07h00
    Start descent to Mintos Camp (2930m)
  • 08h30
    Arrival at Mintos Camp – this is where we have breakfast
  • 09h30
    Further descent to Bandas Camp – lunch during descent
  • 14h00
    Arrival at Bandas Camp + relax rest of the day
Day 6 - Thursday (13/08/2020)
  • 07h00
  • 08h00
    Start hike (trough the tropical forest) to Chogoria town
  • 12h00
    Arrival at Chogoria town + ride back to Nairobi
  • 16h00
    Arrival at hotel in Nairobi + relax rest of the day
Day 7 - Friday (14/08/2020)
  • 07h00
  • 08h00
    Pick-up at hotel and visit to Mathare slums – Mathare
  • 12h00
    Arrival at Christ’s Hope carepoint + lunch
  • 14h00
    Afternoon program with the children
  • 18h00
    Rest and dinner in the care point
Day 8 - Saturday (15/08/2020)
  • 06h00
    Wake up + breakfast
  • 06h30
    Pick up + ride to Nairobi National Park + full day safari lunch during safari in Nairobi National Park
  • 17h00
    Arrival at Christ’s Hope carepoint + rest + dinner
Day 9 - Sunday (16/08/2020)
  • 07h00
    Wake up + breakfast in the carepoint
  • 08h00
    Leaving for Nairobi Airport
  • Daytime
    Flight back home

Your sponsor money

This trip is organized by Adventures for Hope. This is a branch of Christ’s Hope Belgium. Apart from the cost for participating in this trip, the participants are asked raise and donate an amount of $ 2500 to Christ's Hope.

We firmly stress on the fact that this money will integrally be transferred to Christ's Hope operations in Africa. This money will not be used to cover operating expenses in Belgium such as marketing or accounting. Your money is thus exclusively used to effectively support the daily operations in Africa in the fully benefit of the children.

How you raise these $ 2500 is, of course, your own choice. Some participants might pay this amount out of their own pocket. We understand, however, that this is a lot of money and therefore recommend that you be creative in your fundraising. Ask friends and family to help you, organize a yard sale, a spaghetti night or start baking waffles to sell,… .You might know a number of companies or organizations who are interested in a Mount Kenya summitpicture showing a flag with their logo. Perhaps they are willing to pay for that picture. Or maybe your employer has a (limited) fund that is used to support good causes.

Anyway, we recommend you to start your fundraising well in advance (6 months to 1 year).

Physical preparation

Mount Kenya is the second highest mountain in Africa and rises up to 5199m above sea level. We will climb to the third peak of this mountain : Point Lenana at 4985m. From a technical point of vieuw it is fortunately not a difficult mountain. You do not need to be a skilled mountaineer who has experience with crampons, rope groups or ice axes.

You should have a good general physical condition. Start with your physical preparations long enough in advance. We recommend you to regularly go running and start working on your endurance. On the mountain you will, after all, walk uphill for a longer period of time. Also regularly go walking with a backpack.

On the mountain the local porters will bring your luggage to the next camp. You will just carry your own small daypack with something to drink, some food, a warm sweater or jacket, your camera and some more smaller personal items (iPod for example).

Your packlist

As we said before, you do not need to bring technical climbing gear to Kenya as you will not need it. You will be emailed a packing list stating what you definitely need. (e.g. trekking clothes, sturdy walking shoes, walking sticks, ...)

The chosen route

We have chosen to climb Mount Kenya using the Sirimon route. This route is a bit longer, but we have deliberately chosen for this route. The Sirimon route makes an ideal acclimatization possible as we stay a full day at Shiptons Camp. So, our bodies have enough time to adjust to the thin air at high altitude. We will take it easy, each participant in his/her own pace. The better your acclimatization, the bigger your chances on a successful ascent.

Cost price
The proposed indicative price is € 1300 (1450 usd) per participant (excluding flight).


  • Pick up at Nairobi International Airport and transfer to hotel
  • Dinner in the hotel, the night before the climb
  • Night at hotel before the climb, breakfast the day of the climb
  • Climbing permit
  • Entrance fee Mount Kenya National Park
  • Porters
  • The necessary guides (depending on the size of the group)
  • Assistance guides and cook(s)
  • On the mountain : breakfast, lunch and dinner (hot meal)
  • Sleeping tents and sleeping mattresses (if you don’t have your own).
  • Purified water
  • Summit emergency oxygen (oxygen bottles) if necessary
  • Rescue fees if needed
  • Night at hotel with dinner and breakfast the day after the climb
  • Transfer to Nairobi National Park + gamedrive
  • Entrance fee Nairobi National Park
  • Taxes on gamedrive
  • Transfers to Christ’s Hope carepoint and to airport


  • The international flight to and from Nairobi International Airport
  • Visa to enter Kenya
  • Various vaccinations (check with your GP) and medication if needed (Diamox)
  • Tips for guides and porters

Join us in our adventure